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Online software for your dangerous goods activities and chemical management​ Software

Elements of the online software suite is the software solution for your dangerous goods activities and chemical management. It is developed as an online application, so you can access it when you need it, wherever you are. The software helps users to create the documents and labels they need, with little effort and in a short amount of time. As a result, risks are minimized and compliance maximizes. This stimulates satisfaction and loyalty among users, customers, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders involved in the process or chain.’s modular design ensures that everything you require can be used. Only choose the modules you want. Each module is made for a specific industry and comes with a powerful set of tools. It is made easy to adapt languages, regulations and more. From transport & logistics to production, storage & chemical management, and from safety to compliance.

  • Search in the Dangerous Goods database

  • Access to the latest regulatory information

  • Administration of company account, users and relations

  • Automate repetitive information

  • Work in one of the 20+ interface languages of choice


Transport & Logistics


Create shipper's declarations for dangerous goods by road and more... Based on ADR, 49CFR, TDG and ADG.


Create shipper's declarations for dangerous goods by sea and more... Based on the IMDG code.

Inland Waterways

Create shipper's declarations for dangerous goods by inland waterways. Based on the European ADN regulation.


Create shipper's declarations for dangerous goods by rail and more... Based on the European RID regulation.


Create shipper's declarations for dangerous goods by air and more... Based on the ICAO/IATA standard.

Emergency Instructions

Get access to instructions in writing, emergency response guide, emergency response assistance plan or emergency procedure guides.

Shipping Labels

Print the shipping labels together with your shipping declarations.

Statistics and Reports

Get insight in shipment history and dangerous goods activities. Generate reports, such as the annual DGSA report.


Digital transport through electronic data sharing, along the whole logistics chain


Notify the captain of the aircraft in case dangerous goods shipments are loaded on board.


Accept shipments via a collection list and checklist, as well as loading checked cargo into a ULD.


Local installation of software to work offline.

Production, Storage & Chemical Management

SDS Basic

Connect safety data sheets, received from suppliers or created by yourself, to your product inventory.

SDS Editor

Create SDSs from scratch in the regulation of choice, including GHS, CLP and HazCom.


Make automatic CLP and VOC calculations.

mother SDS

Create a standardized SDS and connect child SDSs to it.

Risk Determination

Determine the health, safety and environmental risks of using a certain product.

Exposure Scenarios

Create exposure scenarios, annex to the SDS.


Create safety data sheets and labels for detergents based on EU regulation.


Notify the Danish product registry.


Generate reports from existing SDSs to get insight in your chemical product inventory and activities.


Create processes and related instructions.

Workplace Instructions

Create workplace instructions based on your SDSs and the OHS regulation.

Action Cards

Create action cards based on your SDSs and the OHS regulations.

Chemical Product Labels

Create product labels according to DPD, DSD, CLP, HazCom and GHS regulations.


Place and monitor internal orders for SDSs.

More modules

Own articles

Classify your own products and use your own product names or article numbers.

Document Management

Link external documents to your own articles, shipments and safety data sheets.

Transfer Documents

Publish any created document in on your website or anywhere you want it to be visible.

Safety & Security Courses

Monitor training moments, and manage user access to certain modules based on their training status.

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