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NOTOC module

Notification to captain​

Special load on board

Prepare the NOTOC in a few steps

Prepare the proper notification to the pilot in command with the NOTOC module. Simply enter the information and follow the steps. Then, you can benefit from built-in and automated functionalities. 

  • Import shipper’s declarations and NOTOCs
  • Station of loading and other information is completed by the system
  • Create all packed in ones and overpacks
  • The Q-value is calculated automatically
  • Use the acceptance module to collect, check and load the cargo
  • Work with your own article numbers and names when the own articles module is activated

With this module, you have direct access to information on state- & operator variations. 

In combination with the air module, details on the following can be viewed as well:

  • Packing instructions
  • Special provisions
  • Limited & excepted quantities
  • Labels & marks
Full regulatory publications are available as well.

When all details are completed and validated, the NOTOC is ready. Also, additional information sheets and emergency procedures are printed automatically. 

The NOTOC and other information are printed and stored as PDF. 

Ultimately, share the NOTOC as NTM message. This ensures the data is loaded onto the aircraft computer. 

Furthermore, send, export or mail the NOTOC information as PDF or DGXML. This are some of the E-Freight functionalities made available by default. It allows you to create and share the data digitally. The e-freight module extends these possibilities.

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