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Digital transport and electronic data sharing along the whole logistics chain.​

electronic DGD

Smooth data distribution

Making digital data exchange possible for all parties involved in the transport chain is key to improve safety and compliance, to work smarter and smoothen processes, and to reduce our footprints by going paperless. Share shipment information digitally instead of via paper documents with the DGOffice e-freight module. 

E-freight module

Validated shipment information can be sent directly to other parties within DGOffice, or exported or mailed as PDF, DGXML, IATA XML or FDD. These options are made available by default as extension to the transport modules (airsearoadrailinland waterways). The shipment information is distributed to other parties, without the need to manually enter or copy data into different systems. 

Simultaneously, extended functionalities can be added to activate receiving and import options. 

Functionalities for you

Along the transport chain, multiple parties are involved. All have a need for certain information. With the e-freight module, validated data is reproduced automatically. Depending on your role in the process, certain information and functionalities become available.

  • Create a DGD with one of the transport modules
  • Creation and validation of eDGD happens on the background
  • Share validated eDGD with freight forwarders
  • Follow the status of shipments
  • Receive validated eDGD from shippers
  • Or import and validate eDGDs
  • Add information, such as AWB, station of loading/unloading
  • Change status of shipments
  • Share updated and validated data with ground handlers
  • Receive validated eDGD from freight forwarders
  • Or import and validate eDGD
  • Add NOTOC or manifest
  • Change status of shipments
  • Share updated and validated data with carriers
  • Receive validated eDGD from ground handlers
  • Or import and validate eDGD
  • Change status of shipments
  • Share updated and validated data with the ground handler at destination
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