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SDS basic module

Connect safety data sheets to your product inventory.​

Chemical Management

Keep an overview

The SDS basic module provides an overview of the chemicals involved during production, storage, handling or transportation. Collect and maintain chemical information at one place, for convenience and regulatory compliance. One of the first steps is to connect the safety data sheets to your product inventory. Then, make the chemical information available to those who should be aware.

Work with your own article numbers and names, if the own articles module is activated.

If you want to create SDSs from scratch, this can be done with the SDS editor module. 

The SDS basic module helps you to comply with the Globally Harmonized System of classification and labeling of chemicals (GHS) requirements. Regardless of your location, adapt the languages and regulations needed, such as CLP for countries in Europe or HazCom for the USA.

The module also offers:
  • Substitute management
  • A location tree to create countries, locations, departments etc.
  • An archive to store old SDS versions
  • A substance library, which is generated from the list of harmonized classifications and substances with a national occupational exposure limit
Some other modules that add functional value to the SDS basic module:
  • Chemical regulations supported


Countries and languages available
10 +

SDS Editor

Create SDSs from scratch in the regulation of choice, including GHS, CLP and HazCom.


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