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Digital standards

Electronic exchange of dangerous goods data made easy.​

Data sharing

Digital logistics

Digital logistics is about sharing transport information in a safe, secure and simple way. The exchange of shipping data between systems is easy, but who can access it, and when, where and how it is made available must be defined as well. Standards are created to make implementation for all logistics parties successful. 

The standards that make it possible

A well-known and publicly available standard is the IATA guide for eDGD implementation. Requirements and process-flow for all in the air cargo community are defined. You can work with their data format, IATA cargo-XML, via our modules for air transport and e-freight

Another dangerous goods data sharing standard is our own DGXML standard. This version controlled standard is publicly available, and can be used for any mode of transport. 

We also created a standard of unique IDs to identify unique dangerous goods classifications, named DGMIDs. These are used in our DGXML as well.

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Dangerous goods communication standard

Our DGXML standard provides a format that allows systems to communicate with each other. In the logistics chain of just one shipment, the same data is copied and reused many times. The standard allows one correct source of information to be available for whomever needs to have access to it. Hence, there is no more need to copy data for usage in different systems. 

<!-- UN 2318 In Bundle 1 and in Overpack 5 -->

Declarations created with our software solution, can be sent, exported or emailed, amongst others, as DGXML. Likewise, import of DGXML shipping data in is possible. 

The DGXML documentation is available via download (licensed under creative commons) so you can easily share shipping data.


Unique classifications

DGMIDs are unique identifiers for all the DG classifications in DGOffice. UN numbers and each of its variants are connected to a DGMID. These unique identifications are key when digitalizing your transports and are part of our DGXML standard for digital data exchange. 


The dangerous goods database in our software solution presents all unique DG classifications when searching for a UN number. Use the exact variant to prevent possible issues at later stages.

Keep article maintenance in your system and add our DGMIDs to the DG products. In combination with web services, the latest dangerous goods information on article level is provided.


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Digital transport through electronic data sharing, along the whole logistics chain


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