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Web services

Interfacing systems, while working from your existing back-office system.​

Web services

Connected on the background

Web services is the solution for you if you want to work in your own system, and are also looking for a solution to provide the latest dangerous goods information. The DGOffice web services are used to interface with your existing back-office system. They run on the background and provide relevant information at different steps. Documents, data, calculations, classifications, validation and much more can be obtained directly from DGOffice.net, and is presented in your system.

Possibilities for you

Many different web services are available, via which requests for a wide variety of purposes can be made. The DGOffice web services contribute to and communicate with your system, whether that’s an ERP, WMS, TMS, CMR or own-defined solution. Below you can find a brief impression of what the most common possibilities are at different stages. 

  • Article classification for transport
  • Article classification for chemical management
  • Retrieve regulatory data for product
  • Auto-segregation of products
  • Calculation and validation for a.o.:
    • Transport mode
    • Shipping cost prediction
  • Auto-segregation of products
  • Packaging proposal
  • Package checklist
  • Segregation for overpacks
  • Print labels
  • Route restrictions
  • Manifesting
  • Segregation for pallets and ULDs
  • Regulatory check
  • Validate state- and operator variations
  • Generate shipment data
  • Share data
  • Generate DGD
  • Create shipping labels
  • Stowage check
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Digital standardS

A messaging standard to share dangerous goods data as XML


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