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Acceptance module

Accept shipments and load cargo into a ULD.​

Collect, check and load

Accept cargo

With the acceptance module, you get an overview of all incoming dangerous goods shipments. Even before the cargo arrives at your warehouse. Check if everything is correct. If so, mark it as accepted. Then, use the wizard to load the checked and accepted cargo in a ULD.

Add the acceptance module as extension to the NOTOC module. 

Create a collection list with the acceptance module. This is an overview of all incoming dangerous goods and other special load.

Check if shipments are accompanied by all required documents and if these are correct. When the cargo arrives, you can print a checklist to see if the delivered cargo matches the documents. If everything is correct, the received cargo can be marked as accepted.

Only accepted cargo can be loaded into an ULD. Then, assign the ULD to a flight and give it a position onboard of the aircraft. Loading multiple ULDs at one position is prevented automatically. 

The acceptance module adds vital options before preparing a NOTOC. It allows the checked and loaded cargo to be added to the NOTOC with the NOTOC module.

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Notify the captain of the aircraft in case dangerous goods shipments are loaded on board.


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