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Calculation module

Make automatic CLP and VOC calculations​

Outcome of substance and premix collections

Calculate CLP for an SDS

Simply start with creating and adding a recipe to an SDS. A recipe is a collection of substances and/or premixes, which represent the product the SDS is created for. Then, the classification, labeling and packaging (CLP) is calculated by the system. The calculation is based on several factors. This includes the percentage of each substance or premix in the product, threshold values, physical state and other characteristics. Also, it is possible to calculate volatile organic compound (VOC). Furthermore, targeted occupational hygiene air needs can be calculated. This is better known as “målteknisk arbejdshygiejnisk luftbehof” (MAL code for Denmark). Ultimately, store the recipe, so that the same collection of substances and premixes is available to use for other calculations or SDSs. 

This module can be added as extension to the SDS basic module and SDS editor module.


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