Verloop Uitgeverij and DGOffice B.V. team up to publish digital DG regulations - DGM-SDG

Verloop Uitgeverij and DGOffice B.V. team up to publish digital DG regulations

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Verloop’s publications of dangerous goods regulations are now available digitally! The books were always, and remain, available in the traditional paper book format. is part of Verloop Uitgeverij. This soon-to-be platform is specialized in publications for dangerous goods transportation. Expanding the product range, and providing digital versions are key to get the correct information at the right place. In line with this, the first digital publications are available via the solution!

Step by step

Keeping transportation of dangerous goods safe, secure and simple, starts with providing correct and up-to-date information. This results in regulatory publications for different modalities. Verloop prepares and maintains these in house, while working together with teachers and safety advisers. The next step is to make it available for those who need to work with it.

Through the Verloop Uitgeverij & DGOffice BV partnership, these steps are realized. Making Verloop’s digital publications available in, allows anyone involved in dangerous goods access to the correct information. Whenever they need it, wherever they are.


The first publication available is ADR (road transport in the EU), whereas ADN (Inland waterways in the EU) and RID (Rail in the EU) will follow shortly after. All three are in Dutch for 2021/2022, the latest version currently available. Of course, when new versions become available, these are updated accordingly. Other local versions and regulations are being prepared and will follow later.

About Verloop Uitgeverij

Verloop Uitgeverij is a Dutch publisher of regional publications and genealogies. With more than 100 years of experience, they know exactly how a good book is put together. Either as a hard copy edition or as digital version. Their books and magazines are issued in their own studio and printing house. Verloop Uitgeverij is officially registered and recognized as publisher. Hence, they create their own publications, as well as for others, such as individuals, associations, and companies. All is done in such a way, that the information comes to its best advantage for the reader.

About DGOffice B.V.

DGOffice B.V. is the specialized world leader of software solutions and services for dangerous goods and chemicals management. We are headquartered in Lelystad, the Netherlands, and have more than 25 years of experience. Development offices are located in the Netherlands and Denmark, whereas sales and support representatives can be found throughout the world. Across the globe, thousands of users benefit from, supporting their transportation, handling, storage, production, and trading of dangerous goods.


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