Awery implements DGOffice B.V.’s NOTOC module - DGM-SDG

Awery implements DGOffice B.V.’s NOTOC module

The aviation platform provider Awery now also includes services for dangerous goods in their portfolio. Their web-based ERP platform automates all the processes for businesses active in the aviation industry. The setup of the platform is fully customizable. This boosts efficiency and flexibility, while the customer stays in control over its activities. Furthermore, integrations of 3rd party services and APIs are supported. Now, including DGOffice BV’s digital services for dangerous goods.

Reservations please

In the aviation industry, as well as within each step of the cycle, there are different needs for information and tools. Likewise, there is when booking cargo on flights. Zooming in here, planning, quotations, and track & trace are key features. These are provided via Awery’s online air cargo booking platform CargoBooking. Just review the best options for you and reserve the spot you want.

Notify the captain

When dangerous goods are part of the booking, the captain of the aircraft must be notified about it. This comes on top of what and how much is carried. Also, the loading position of such shipments in the aircraft have to be communicated. DGOffice’s NOTOC module helps you with this.

Confirm bookings without turbulence

Via the partnership, all beforementioned can be done at one place. Integrating the NOTOC module in Awery’s platform allows users to comply instantly. They can continue their booking process as usual. If dangerous goods are involved, DGOffice’s NOTOC module handles preparation of the correct document. The NOTOCs are created based on UN number and presented to the user for further action. Once the booking is completed and confirmed, you follow the status via track & trace. No turbulence, only safe, secure and simple bookings. 

About Awery

Awery is a software development company, providing solutions for aviation business management. They were founded in 2009 and offer tailored yet complete business cycle solutions via their ERP platform. These solutions are developed in cooperation with aviation and logistics companies. This is to reflect up-to-date market demands as well as unlimited expansion capabilities. Awery’s customers include commercial and cargo airlines, private operators, freight forwarders and cargo agents, aviation service providers, air charter brokers, and on-board couriers.

About DGOffice

DGOffice B.V. is the specialized
world leader of software solutions and services for dangerous goods and
chemicals management. We are headquartered in Lelystad, the Netherlands, and
have more than 25 years of experience. Development offices are located in the
Netherlands and Denmark, whereas sales and support representatives can be found
throughout the world. Across the globe, thousands of users benefit from, supporting their transportation, handling, storage, production,
and trading of dangerous goods.


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