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nShift’s DeliveryHub simplifies dangerous goods shipping

Ship smarter and put safety first. With the many benefits of nShift’s delivery solution DeliveryHub, you don’t have to worry about your shipments. All the tools are provided to automate every step of delivery management. This includes automated shipping solutions for dangerous goods. These are provided via implementation of the DGOffice solutions. It brings you the best combination of the two solutions. Your shipments go out for delivery safe, secure, and simple.

One platform for all

Prevent working in too many different systems but keep an overview. nShift lets you take control over this. You can integrate your other systems into DeliveryHub and let everything work together from there. DGOffice.net is one of these systems. Thus, customers with a need for dangerous goods information and documentation are embraced as well.

Convenient and compliant

Via the platform, automatic completion and validation find place. The dangerous goods shipping declarations are generated via DGOffice.net. Hence, this saves time and brings risks to a minimum.

Both road and sea transport are supported. For road shipments, there are different regulations. The one applied varries, because it depends on the location. Either ADR for Europe, 49CFR for the U.S.A., TDG for Canada, or ADG for Australia is used. In case of sea transport, validation and documents are based on the IMDG Code.

Plug and play

There are a few steps involved to get everything up and running. It all starts by holding an account with nShift/DeliveryHub, as well as with DGOffice.net. Then, the account synchronization finds place via DeliveryHub. The second part is to add and maintain your own articles in DGOffice.net. The same article numbers are used in the two systems to make sure the right data is collected. Finally, all is set. Just continue your work process in DeliveryHub. As soon as dangerous goods get involved, web services run on the background. These connect with DGOffice.net and return the required information or documentation. It happens in a blink, while you stay in the same interface.

About nShift

nShift is a solutions provider for delivery management. It is a brand-new organization, merged from five companies who became one. Even though it is a young and fresh brand, its founders have 53 years of experience, as well as a great network of customers, partners, and carriers. nShift brings together the technology and expertise for ecommerce and delivery & return management. Their offices are located across Europe, whereas their customers deliver across the globe. On top of that, nShift has the largest carrier library. Hence, you can send anything, anywhere, anyhow.

About DGOffice B.V.

DGOffice B.V. is the specialized world leader of software solutions and services for dangerous goods and chemicals management. We are headquartered in Lelystad, the Netherlands, and have more than 25 years of experience. Development offices are located in the Netherlands and Denmark, whereas sales and support representatives can be found throughout the world. Across the globe, thousands of users benefit from DGOffice.net, supporting their transportation, handling, storage, production, and trading of dangerous goods.



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