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About DGOffice B.V.

We combine technology and regulatory expertise to support your dangerous goods activities and chemicals management. Because we want to keep it safe, secure and simple.

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Our specialty

With more than 25 years of experience, DGOffice B.V. is the specialized world leader of digital solutions and services for dangerous goods and chemicals management. 

We also trade under the name DGM Software Development Group.

  • Headquartered in

    Lelystad, the Netherlands

  • Founded in the year


  • Development finds place in

    Denmark & the Netherlands

  • Thousands of users located all over

    the globe

  • Local representatives and partners across

    6 continents

  • Solutions are available in

    30+ languages

Our promise

All of our digital solutions are easy to use, quick, and always up-to-date. Because we want to keep it safe, secure, and simple.

Our commitment

We are committed to continuously adding maximum value to our customers. Their input is highly valued. Constant development and improvements are combined to match their current and future activities. That is how we support them, all the way. 

What we do to make it come true

Our internal design and development team and in-house DG specialists bring their fields of expertise together. As a result, we deliver sustainable software solutions and related services for dangerous goods and chemicals.

Prioritize protection of ourselves, our homes and our environment

Always in compliance with the global quality and safety standards

One solution supplies the information and tools relevant for your business

Team DGOffice

The faces of our company's management team


Herman Teering

Managing Director & Principal Consultant


Ben Peters

Head of Development


Gert-Jan Breet

Technical Consultant


Richard C-O. Kure

Project Manager


Vivian Labrecque

Head of Commerce


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