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Dangerous goods regulatory updates

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Transport regulations are updated every one or two years, depending on the regulation. In addition to this, intermediate ammendments are made as well. These updates and possible addendums impact information on dangerous goods too. New UN numbers are added, information on existing ones change, whereas some even become non-existent.

Keep an overview

To keep track of differences, we have created a list of all updates for all regulations. In this overview you find regulatory amendments as well as dangerous goods of which information in the DG list from the related regulations have changed. It presents the modifications that exclusively pertain to DGOffice and encompass only those amendments relevant to its operations, ensuring compliance and alignment with the latest revisions.

Latest overview

The latest dangerous goods regulatory updates list available is valid from July 2024.

UN numbers and DGMIDs

Because of the many UN numbers, we have connected our own defined unique identifiers, named DGMIDs, to each variant. This comes in handy when digitalizing your transports and need a standard for digital data exchange.

UN numbers and lithium batteries

There are many updates and variations when it comes to lithium batteries. Even though there are ‘only’ 4 UN numbers related to both lithium-ion batteries and lithium metal batteries, there are much more factors of influence. Therefore, it can be quite complex to find out how to ship them in the right way.

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