CCN and DGOffice BV partner to provide DG services - DGM-SDG

CCN and DGOffice BV partner to provide DG services

Connecting services

Cargo Community Network (CCN) and DGOffice are pleased to announce the launch of dangerous goods related solutions through CUBEforall, an open data platform by CCN.

Empowering you with the best solutions, CUBEforall lets you connect with all your supply chain stakeholders seamlessly. With the introduction of solutions in CUBEforall, CCN brings solutions related to dangerous good shipments into its growing range of products and services, bridging gaps and driving efficiency.

Connect with the community

Unlock your connectivity with the global air freight community, while keeping it safe, secure and simple. With the partnership, CCN and DGOffice BV strengthen the global network and further improve the digital process in the air freight community.

Digital cargo operations

The integration of onto CUBEforall platform allows users to work within one environment. To further boost digitalization in the air freight industry, the dangerous goods solutions are now available via the CUBEforall platform for cargo operations. Dangerous Goods checks as well as preparing and sharing eDGDs are fully supported.

Users can create dangerous goods declarations for air transport that’s compliant to the ICAO/IATA regulations in CUBEforall platform which houses the environment. When the shipment is prepared and validated, the documents and data are available in the CUBEforall platform. The shipping information can then be shared with relevant parties such as forwarders, ground handlers or carriers in the network. For them, it means that they receive the original data from a trusted source. In turn, they can re-use it for their own activities. All in all, visibility and transparency for all stakeholders are enhanced.

Signing ceremony at IATA World Cargo Symposium, London 2022 with Teow Boon Ling, CEO, Cargo Community Network (left) and Vivian Labrecque, Head of Commerce, DGOffice (right).

About Cargo Community Network

Cargo Community Network is a leading digital solutions provider for the air freight industry. Via their CUBEforall platform, web-based system integrations are made available. The platform offers solutions for data exchange, cargo management, customs, security and screening compliance, business performance analytics and other initiatives. Wit more than 20 years of experience in the industry, CCN is constantly adapting technological advancements to meet the changes and developments in customers’ requirements. Headquartered in Singapore, with many support offices in the region to provide excellent service to more than 10,000 users across the globe. The community consists of shippers, airlines, forwarders, ground handlers and other stakeholders in the air cargo industry.

About CUBEforall

CUBEforall is an open data platform fostering a closer collaboration for the global cargo community. The platform offers cost effective mass-digitalization opportunities through a large user base, rich datasets and varied service providers. CUBEforall is also the platform for businesses to connect for growth with ease of mind and assurance. 

For service providers who are interested to have your services on the platform, please email us at:

For users who are keen to find out how you can enjoy these services, please visit us at:

About DGOffice B.V.

DGOffice B.V. is the specialized world leader of software solutions and services for dangerous goods and chemicals management. We are headquartered in Lelystad, the Netherlands, and have more than 25 years of experience. Development offices are located in the Netherlands and Denmark, whereas sales and support representatives can be found throughout the world. Across the globe, thousands of users benefit from, supporting their transportation, handling, storage, production, and trading of dangerous goods.

Please get in touch in case of any questions! 

For CCN & CUBEforall: Serene Lim (

Contact DGOffice BV: Vivian Labrecque (

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