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Maintain chemicals and chemical product inventory​

Chemical management

Safety data sheets and more

Minimizing risks is crucial, especially when working with chemicals, or producing or storing them. To do so, understanding the characteristics of chemical substances and mixtures, as well as implementation of prevention and protection measures, are required. DGOffice provides you with the tools needed to manage chemicals. Maintain your product inventory, prepare or upload SDSs, get insight in health, safety and environmental risks, write instructions, and so on. We help you with chemical management, so you can manage chemicals safe, secure and simple.

  • Maintain product inventory

    Add SDSs and additional data, received from suppliers or created internally

  • Create safety data sheets

    Compliant in just a few steps with automated functionality

  • Share and classify

    Benefit from connections with transport modules for classification

  • Additional features

    As add-on or via web services or integration

Recommended solutions for manufacturers

SDS Basic

Connect safety data sheets, received from suppliers or created by yourself, to your product inventory.

SDS Editor

Create SDSs from scratch in the regulation of choice, including GHS, CLP and HazCom.

Own articles

Classify your own products and use your own product names or article numbers.

Integrated solutions

Our solutions made available in other systems via integration

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Online software for dangerous goods transport and chemical management

Web Services

Interfacing systems, while working from your existing back-office system

Integrated solutions

Our solutions made available in other systems via integration


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