Hexagon handles dangerous goods error-free, while reducing up to 88% of time with DGOffice - DGM-SDG

Hexagon handles dangerous goods error-free, while reducing up to 88% of time with DGOffice

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Dangerous goods regulations are strict, and human errors are inevitable. How do you prevent easy-made typos or other mistakes? Hexagon found the answer in DGOffice.

Challenge tackeled

Hexagon is a packaging company specializing in wooden crating, the packing of dangerous goods, and container packing. Their staff expanded from 6 to over 100 within a few years. Unfortunately, this increased the chances of errors and bad habits. Every time a mistake was made, it started to cost money and penalties, which add up very quickly.

Anushka found DGOffice online a few years ago, but pricewise, they found themselves too small. Growing further, one of the newer staff members seemed familiar with DGOffice already. After further consultations and calculations, it turned out that DGOffice is worth every cent. Hence, there was no more reason to postpone.

Goals defined, for the moment their activities become software-based:


Anushka loves that our online software suits all their needs.

“You can edit items, add logos, change the label layout, and so on. With DGOffice, you can do all modes of transport, which is an incredible timesaver when you are running 6, 7, 8 shipments a day.”


After a free trial, their account was switched to an active license within seconds. In the beginning, some twisting and tweaking to make it fit was needed. Their internal crash course to get their staff up and running smoothly lasted less than 20 minutes.

“I like that I can fix things myself and don’t have to involve DGOffice in everything. But when I don’t have the knowledge, I send DGOffice a message, and within 10–15 minutes the problem is solved, and we can move on.”


“It used to take a good 1,5-2 hours per shipment, but we’ve been able to bring it down to 15-20 minutes.”

Anushka and her team often travel between different locations. Hexagon has opened some new branches recently and is looking to add more in the next 2–3 years.

“Wherever I go, DGOffice will go.”

Hexagon packaging

Hexagon packaging (Pty) Ltd. is one of the largest packaging companies in South Africa. They run more than 1500 pallets a day, whereby nothing is too big or too scary to handle. As a one-stop shop, they take care of the packaging, documentation, send-off for worldwide delivery, and anything in between. For the last 10 years, Hexagon has gone through tremendous growth in terms of staff, branches, and operations.


Anushka du Toit

Coastal Regional Manager, Hexagon packaging

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