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DGOffice system status

System status insight

From now you can find our current system status in an overview on our ‘system status‘ page and via support.dgoffice.net. Separate status indicators are available for www.DGOffice.net, webserver 4, webserver 5, and webserver 6. Each status is checked and updated every five minutes to provide the most accurate overview. Via this way, users always have insight in availability of the system.


Maintenance of the system is inevitable, as we want to provide the latest updates, and add or improve functionalities, regulations, and more. Hence this could influence availability. Therefore, system maintenance finds place on fixed moments, which are scheduled on times and days that have as little impact on users as possible. On top of this, users are notified beforehand as well as during the update.

Further remarks

In case the indicators show that the system is up, there’s a link made available to retry getting access.


If there are any other questions or technical issues, you can reach out to us via our helpdesk. Our support team is here to help you!

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