Bienvenue DGM France - DGM-SDG

Bienvenue DGM France

It’s official! DGM France is now a DGOffice reseller. DGM France is located in Tremblay en France, Paris and can help you with your DG related activities, such as DG consultancy, DG Operations, DG Training and sales of marked packagings and labels, as well as!

IATA DGR, ADR and IMDG courses will be offered later as well. These will be available in English and French.

They opened their doors yesterday, but are familiar with DGM and DGOffice already. DGM France is excited to get started. We wish them lots of success!

Meet the DGM France team:



+33 670 021742 – for enquiries in English (Anglais)

+ 33 782 000278 – for enquiries in French (Français)

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