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Frequently asked questions



Do I get instant access to DGOffice after creating a free trial?

Yes, you can immediately access DGOffice after confirmation. The trial account is active for 14 days.

Software usage

Can users work in different languages?

Yes, each user can set his/her preferred language.


Do I have to purchase all modules?

DGOffice has a modular design. DG General is the core component of DGOffice, and therefore mandatory. Then, only add the module(s) based on your wants and needs.

Do I get instant access to DGOffice after I placed an order?

After your order is confirmed, you can immediately access DGOffice.

What does a DGOffice license cost?

Depending on which modules you want, and if you want to add additional user licenses, cost varies. Please contact a local reseller for more information.

What are the payment options?

Payments can be made by credit card or via invoice.


Can I add or remove modules to or from my existing DGOffice license?

Yes, this is possible. New modules will be settled immediately. Removing modules will be settled at the next license renewal date.

How many users are included in a license?

As many user IDs can be added as wanted. But, DGOffice also works with concurrent user licenses. The number of purchased user licenses defines how many users can work in DGOffice at the same time. One user is included, and additional concurrent user licenses can be added any time.

How long is a license valid?

A license is valid for 1 year, and can be renewed per year.


Can I become a DGOffice reseller or partner?

We are continuously looking for expansion of our network. If you are interested in becoming a DGOffice reseller or partner, please contact us.

Other questions?

Please check our support page for information or contact us.